Systematic study of O16 -induced fusion with the improved quantum molecular dynamics model

Ning Wang, Kai Zhao, and Zhuxia Li, Phys. Rev. C90 (2014) 054610

The heavy-ion fusion reactions with O16   bombarding on Ni 62 ,Cu 65 ,Ge 74 ,Nd 148 ,Hf 180 ,W 186 ,Pb 208 ,U 238   are systematically investigated with the improved quantum molecular dynamics model. The fusion cross sections at energies near and above the Coulomb barriers can be reasonably well reproduced by using this semiclassical microscopic transport model with the parameter sets SkP* and IQ3a. The dynamical nucleus-nucleus potentials and the influence of Fermi constraint on the fusion process are also studied simultaneously. In addition to the mean field, the Fermi constraint also plays a key role for the reliable description of the fusion process and for improving the stability of fragments in heavy-ion collisions.